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Data Centers &

Crypto mining


5G/6G & Radar


Reduced electricity consumption for cooling & operation

Increased power output

Increased power density

Higher rack density

Increased base station range

High-current power IC's

Lower water consumption

Increased data throughput

Higher clock speed

Faster onboard-charging

Reduced weight

Lower operating temperatures, increased power efficiency & performance 



A hot problem

Heat and electronics don’t go well together. High temperatures reduce efficiency, lifetime, and performance is held back by thermal constraints. The heat, which is generated in nano-meter-sized areas, has to travel through many layers before it’s finally released.


This is not only inefficient, but also starts to have an enormous environmental impact: The cooling of data centers worldwide consumes more electricity than New York and London combined.


Lower temperature - Higher price

To achieve better performance industry is looking to use more expensive, highly thermally conductive substrates such as SiC/Diamond, which cost up to 1000 USD per cm  . Our solution can offer even greater thermal performance using conventional silicon substrates.



Our Technology

Advanced cooling, easily integrated

At the core of our technology lies a monolithic, 3-dimensional network of microscopic channels that enable 2,000 W/cm  of heat extraction, extremely low-pressure drop, and reduced coolant consumption resulting in a 50x higher energy efficiency in heat extraction than conventional liquid cooling.

This also enables lower core temperatures in electronics enabling up to an additional 10% increase in operating efficiency.


Drop-in replacement

A shift of paradigm is required to break the thermal limitations in electronics. New technology should be easy to implement in the existing supply chain. We are committed to making this process a breeze by offering drop-in replacement semiconductor substrates with micro-channels already embedded.



Right at the core



The Glacierwave is our drop-in replacement semiconductor substrate which has our 3-dimensional network of microscopic channels already embedded.

We offer packaging solutions tailored to meet the rigorous demands of each industry. We work together with end-users and system integrators to ensure our solution can be easily embedded into various applications. 




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